On the Border: Defining, Defending, Protecting, Crossing, Erasing, Transcending

On March 23, I gave the 2017 Phyllis Freed Sollod Memorial Lecture for the Center for Jewish Studies at UNC Asheville. We were celebrating the CJS at 35 as well as my 25th anniversary as the Center's director. Thanks to Kent Thompson and his video production team at UNC Asheville, we now have a wonderful video recording of my talk. I actually begin speaking at about the 40th minute. Before that, there is a general introduction to the evening followed by a video on the CJS at 35 produced by Marty Gillen. Then, Jay Jacoby's very sweet introduction of me. As I said, I begin speaking at around the 40th minute.


2017 Phyllis Freed Sollod Lecture Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Center for Jewish Studies Featuring Dr. Richard Chess - Chair & Roy Carroll Distinguished Professor of English and including a short film by Marty Gillen "The First 35 Years"